50,000O Online Predators are online!

Without a good parental control software,  your children are at risk! WebWatcher  parental control software is best at protecting your kids from internet dangers. If your kids are below five years of age, a good internet filtering software would suffice. Both Net Nanny and Safe Eyes are the best internet filtering program for kids. Check them out and see what they can do to give you peace of mind.

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Twenty minutes! That's how quickly an unprotected computer can became infected on the internet.

Check Kaspersky Anti-Virus and STOPzilla spyware protection tools. Both are best in keeping your computer safe from viruses, spywares and adware.

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Computer Safety

Computer safety measures are important for both individuals using their personal computer or a parents concerned about their kids safety on the internet. This is for the very reason that the computer and internet threats are attacking your computer as never before. According to the one proven research, if your computer is left unattended without any security measures, it will be hacked, or infected within 15 minutes. There are network worms desperately seeking your computer to use it as a base for future attacks. Then there are malicious websites only wanting to make your computer as a zombie by exploiting the vulnerabilities of Microsoft's browser and operating system. Not forgetting spywares ever ready to to steal your personal information and performing identity theft. This computer safety resource will help both individuals and their family members from the dark side of the internet.

Protecting computer is really easy, and I’ve broken computer safety measures into following steps:

All the above computer safety measures can be taken manually, or be solved by installing an internet security software such an Panda Internet Security Software which consists of all the above mentioned protection software. However, by installing all the above protection software manually and one by one will provide you an added benefit of getting the best of breed software whether its an antivirus or anti spyware, and you want be restricted to one brand of product. Down size is of course you have to install the software individually which is little time consuming.  

Step 1: Install Antivirus Protection Software and Update Regularly

As the name suggest virus acts same as its biological variant. It spreads unwarranted inside your computer and damaging or affecting either the performance of the computer. According to one research:

  • 12% of virus infections results in buying a new computer.
  • 1 out of every 10 websites on the internet contains a virus threat.
  • 1 in 4 emails sent on the internet contains virus.

Believe it or not 90 percent of computers are affected by viruses or its derivatives. Like me you must be alarmed by viruses generating, bombarding, and attacking our computers everyday, therefore it is essential for computer safety, to have an anti-virus.

One should not confuse virus with spywares . Spywares are created for different intent, and are totally different from virus, therefore they requires new tools to combat them. More on them shortly.

Since new viruses are generated and developed every day, it is recommended to update the anti virus program regularly. Without updates the anti virus would be obsolete, and want be able to combat new viruses. Here is a guide on how to prevent virus infecting your computer.

Step 2: Install Firewall

If your computer is connected directly to the Internet - especially if you just upgraded to broadband - be sure to get a firewall running on the machine. Why? This is because without a router acting as a firewall, a computer connected directly to a cable modem is exposed to the wilds of the Internet which runs rampant with infected PCs just waiting to spread their viruses and worms. The free ZoneAlarm does just fine as a software firewall; alternatively, simply enable Microsoft's built-in firewall (in Control Panel, Windows Firewall).

Step 3: Install Spyware Protection Tool

Online predators, hackers and online fraudsters place spyware secretly into ones computer. Once placed, spyware tracks users information such as their surfing habits, their personal information, online banking information etc... and send it back to its central source. To read more on spyware threats click here.

Firewall can only go as far as protecting computers from online predators and hackers on instances where they try to penetrate manually or directly to ones computer. Today’s hackers are really smart and employ spywares and adwares to perform their crimes such as identity theft. Here is a guide on how to prevent/block spyware.

Following articles will help you to learn more on spywares.

Step 4: Keep Computer Registry up to date

Registry act as the brain of your computer, therefore it should be kept optimized. Good registry cleaner can help you to keep your computer free from running too slow, crashing etc... For computer safety, if you are wondering what is the best registry cleaner to look for, read on to my review on the best registry cleaner.

Looking For A Good Registry Cleaner?

I've found RegCure as the best registry cleaner.

To learn more click here

Step 5: Make sure that your operating system is up to date.

Microsoft Operating system is the prime targets for hackers and crackers, who works passionately to dig out any security hole in Microsoft operating system. Microsoft, often introduces latest security patches for there operating system's vulnerabilities. Users of Microsoft OS must check for these latest patches, and must install them.

Regulate Internet

Once all the above computer safety steps are taken, your computer is safe from viruses, spywares and malwares, but what about inappropriate websites, pop-ups and ads that you and your family members stumble upon while surfing the internet? Internet must be regulated at your home by using a parental control software.



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